The Film

“Terra Sacra” ~ Latin for Sacred Earth.

Six years in the making… seven continents… 24 countries.

Terra Sacra is a short film featuring exquisite time lapse sequences of surreal landscapes and ancient monuments from around the globe. These images were photographed during my assignments and personal travels between 2006-2012.

Inspired by Ron Fricke’s Baraka, I combined my favourite shots from these various trips into a brief, yet compelling non-narrative film that touches on the theme: Sacred Earth.

The visuals are driven by an original score by genius composer Roy Milner. The six-minute film is a journey through three distinct Acts: (I) Primordial Earth (II) Past meets Present and (III) Eternal Universe.

This film is a personal project to share the beauty and awe I witnessed at these locations. I hope viewers will be moved by the intangible power of our Terra Sacra.


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