Photographed and Edited by Sean F. White

Sean is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer and film director whose projects take him to all corners of the globe. From indigenous cultures to extreme engineering, from adventure sports to nature’s splendors on seven continents, Sean embraces his subjects with passion and wonder.


Original music by Roy Milner

Over the last decade, Roy has composed music for every medium, be it international commercials, film, television, online media, or award-winning documentaries. He is contributor to a number of music libraries and is currently working on his second novel.


Featuring time lapses shot for the television series

Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge used by permission by Art Wolfe

With shots from the television series

Ancient Megastructures and Battle Castle used by permission by Parallax Film

Audio Post Production by Tim Archer 

Addition Post Production by Daniel H.A. Stewart 


Art Wolfe (left) and Sean F. White in Alaska filming for "Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge" Photo: John Greengo


Roy Milner working the soundtrack for "Terra Sacra"


Sean (left) and Karel Bauer on safari in Kenya for "Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge" Photo: John Greengo



Endless thanks to Art Wolfe for hiring me as the cinematographer for the public television series Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge and taking me to the ends of the Earth where most of the shots from Terra Sacra were made. Art, you are an inspiration and the most driven photographer I have ever known! I learned so much working on this show with our amazing crew and have stories to tell for a lifetime!

Never-ending thanks to friends and colleagues Ian Herring and Maija Leivo of Parallax Film Productions for permission to us shots I took for the television series Ancient Megastructures (National Geographic Channel / History Television) and Battle Castle (Discovery Channel / History Television / BBC). These assignments provided unprecedented access to some of the world’s most iconic ancient landmarks and filmmaking adventures galore!

All my crewmates, assistants, guides, and travel companions who joined me on travels and shoots at these locations.

Infinite thanks to my amazing wife Deddeda for her love and constant encouragement to pursue this project.